Let us Bless it Bee.

Bless It Bee honey is honey from the Sacred Land of the Kimberly's just about 40km away from Broome.

The Melaleuca plants are from the Yawuru and Karajjari Country, and only very few people are allowed to be on that land.

You cannot enter the land without permission from the Elders

Our raw bush honey is pure and natural honey produced locally in pristine environments.

Our honey is collected by hand and it retains 100% of its nutritional value because it is spun straight off the honeycomb and is not heat treated in any way.

Our bees are not smoked due to how harmonious the hive is and the connection with the Bee Keeper.

The Queen bee is sourced from the genetic breeding of the best drones with the best Queens. Resulting in the optimal hive.

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