Kimberley's Watermelon Honey 450G

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The Watermelon Honey is from the nectar of the Watermelon, holding a richness and depth with fruity undertones, it tastes like sunshine. Texture that can thicken over time. 

During the months of June to November, a percentage of hives are moved to a watermelon farm south of Broome for the purposes of pollinating melon. The bees collect nectar from the small yellow flowers and the honey has a light floral taste.

Tasting Notes: Every batch is slightly different depending on the season, environment and conditions. This honey is drawn from the nectar of watermelons in the Kimberley's. It has a beautiful flavour of watermelon. A taste sensation!

The story bee-hind this precious honey:

  • Bless It Bee honey is honey from the Sacred Land of the Kimberly's just about 40km away from Broome. The Melaleuca plants are from the Yawuru and Karajjari Country, and only very few people are allowed to be on that land.
  • You cannot enter the land without permission from the Elders.
  • Our bees are never smoked they are treated with love and this comes through in their honey, they are a very harmonious community.
  • The queen bees originate from pristine environments and have being bred with the best drones (male bees) this ensures the quality but also ensures a harmonious hive.
  • A number of our bees pollenate around a special temple in Broome as well where many prayers are made.
  • This beautiful honey is collected by hand and created by hand all the way to the table and it retains 100% of its nutritional value because it is spun straight off the honeycomb and is not heat treated in any way.
  • There is an abundance of native trees on Roebuck cattle station for the bees to collect their nectar. The main varietals are salt water paperbark (melaleuca), bloodwood, white gum and mangrove.
  • Our Raw Bush Honey is pure and natural honey produced locally in pristine environments.