Our Bees

Bless It Bee honey is honey from the Sacred Land of the Kimberly's just about 40km away from Broome. The Melaleuca plants are from the Yawuru and Karajjari Country, and only very few people are allowed to be on that land. You cannot enter the land without permission from the Elders.

The only bees our bee keeper “employs” are the Golden Italian honeybee, known for its work rate and temperament. He also restocks his colonies with Rottnest Island bred queens known for their genetic purity (Size, colour, temperament and laying ability)

Our bee keeper is connected to one of the beekeepers directly involved in the program which is how he sources his beautiful queens. He then in turn grafts off her larvae which is how  he ensures beautiful bees.

Our bees are not smoked because they don't need to be. They are treated with love and this comes through in their honey, they are a very harmonious community.

The queen bees originate from pristine environments and have being bred with the best drones (male bees) this ensures the quality but also ensures a harmonious hive. 

A number of our bees pollenate around a special temple in Broome as well where many prayers are made.

Our bees are not fed any sugars during the winter season because of our climate there is no need for this, they work all year round with an abundance of flora. The honey is therefore pure and raw in form.