Our Family


We have a special place in our heart for the first Australian's, with a family member being indigenous, and growing up in the Northern lands welcomed in by this beautiful culture.

We can't help but feel a deep connection to the lands we get to call home. Our honourable family in the Kimberley's are with David and Dianne. Dianne is the Yawuru Elder of the lands where the permission is granted to obtain this sacred honey used traditionally in their culture for thousands of years to heal wounds, for cooking and of course for healing. 

On a good day we can extract 700 - 800 Kilograms. The Roebuck Cattle Station, 40km from Broome, has a land mass of 750,000 acres is owned and managed by the Yawuru Aboriginal Group.


Our connection with this family and the land is so important to us, we consider them in everything we do. We aim to honour the culture, the honey and their family.

January Kultura had grown up with the indigenous community in the northern parts of WA during her younger years. Moving to Perth as an adult, she always loved returning back to the land.

After a health crisis impacting her entire body, inside and out, seeing all the best professionals, specialists, doctors without any success. One of the issues related to her gut and digestion, this is where the honey serendipitously presented itself in front of her whilst in the Kimberley's and as they say....the rest is history.

This medicinal TA25+ honey helped reverse some of the conditions in January's health and continues to be a part of her healing journey. She shared this with people and the honey began carving out it's own path, organically.


Her partner Tenille Bentley is an award winning business woman and wanted to support this growth....and so their baby 'Bless it Bee' was born. Then Teuila, our mumma bear also joined the team as we began to grow, helping with recipes, marketing and support.

And so our family business filled with love and culture, comes to you and your community.

With 10% of profits going towards grass root indigenous programs from the lands the honey originated.