Bee-hind the it came to bee

"I want to share a little bit about my journey with Bless It Bee honey with you.

A couple of years ago I had an injury that affected my whole entire body from head to toe and inside out. I had the best of the best of professional treatments and I was not receiving the results that I was happy with.
I began looking for anything natural that would help assist in moving forward, especially with gut issues and the digestive system. I knew honey potentially could help but I did not just want to take 'any' kind of honey.

So I searched and did my research but nothing of the honey that was available on the market felt aligned to me.It was not until I took a break and flew to the Kimberley's where a jar of this honey was staring at me at a friends place. I asked what kind of honey it was and this led me to where I am today.

I feel blessed that this honey has found its way to me or I to the honey.

My relationship with the Bee Keeper has deepened and I know that the bees are well taken care of and they are not smoked either.I take this honey on a daily basis, sometimes up to 5 times and its Total Activity is 25+. The taste of the honey is absolutely amazing and has character.

The issues I once had with my digestion has greatly improved and I want to let others know that this honey is truly medicinal and I recommend for everybody to have. I did not ever think to open a honey business but I cant seem to ignore the messages that I am receiving in spreading the word.

We have now created this is a family business and our vision is to help others with health issues and the sustainability of bees, sacred land and environment.We hope you treasure the honey as much as we do and we are truly blessed."